Being handy with tools is a lot more than revealing. Being “that guy” in your circle of friends is nice-if not a little tiring, what with all the requests to fix everything-but for anyone who wish to end up being the guy who understands how you can repair little problems here and there, there’s generally one hurdle.

How the hell do you learn? Watch reruns of Bob Vila on TV? (Who was unavailable, very regrettably, for this piece.)

Occasionally, it’s speculate and appearance. Sometimes it’s gaining knowledge from your old man. In other cases, you’re simply the only guy who reads the instructions. Regardless of what, though, knowing the right path around the toolbox is definitely a positive thing. These 3 things can help you across the house-and may spur you on to find out more. Belo are 3 main tips every professional handyman services provider keep in mind.

  1. Draw the Ole Nintendo on Your Garbage Disposal

A damaged waste disposer is really a huge headache. Sure, you might have become along fine before you decide to had one, but those were the days that dishes took annually to accomplish.

Before even thinking about, try and get under the sink and disconnect the disposal unit itself (Many sinks have an outlet underneath them, just open the entranceway and stick around for it.). If you can’t discover that, flip the circuit breaker that provides capacity to the disposal. Significantly. You can’t bypass this step due to the fact, if for whatever reason it activates while you’re getting rid of any stuck-on food in there, you are going to be sorry.

Once the power is off, duck under the sink again and discover a button underneath the cylinder that houses the disposal mechanism. This is actually the reset button. Push it. You need to hear a click to show you you’ve tried it.

  1. Stop a Toilet that Doesn’t Stop Running

That sound.  It’s a torturous sound that may maintain a guy up during the night. Sure, the intensity varies (there was once a toilet in the basement of the apartment building by which I had been living that blew something so difficult – it had been spraying water track of enough force that it hit the roof – and shook the floors of my first-floor apartment), but a toilet’s importance can’t ever be modest.

A continuously running toilet not just drives you nuts, it could possibly waste money, too-flushing dollars down the sink and in to the septic tank when your water bill turns up.

  1. Hammer a Nail-Not Your Hand

There’s nothing can beat hammering a nail perfectly. There’s a skill to it. Striking the nail square on the head.

The issue is, it probably won’t occur all the time-just like the idiom suggests.

To assuage your fear of bashing your fingertips while driving a nail into a harder material that requires some force, set the nail in place and hold the rod with pliers as you hammer away.